The American Institute of Balance Celebrates 25 Years of Excellence

The American Institute of Balance - 25 Years

2017 marks the Institute’s 25th Year Anniversary! On behalf the AIB Team, we wish to thank our patients, referring physicians, participating organizations and the thousands of practitioners worldwide who have attended our Certification Workshops. Since 1992, we are proud to report that our Mission and Vision for the advancement of vestibular and equilibrium sciences in patient care, professional education and research has resulted in these milestones:

  • 100,000 VNG and over-reads
  • 13,000 Canalith Repositioning Maneuvers
  • Free care to anyone under 18 years of age
  • Development of two diagnostic tests and a Repositioning maneuver
  • 6,000 practitioners trained worldwide
  • Creation of a Certification credential Vestibular Rehabilitation and Concussion
  • Presentations in 28 countries
  • Eight Textbook Chapters
  • Two Textbooks
  • 30 Journal articles
  • Seven different Workshop offerings
  • 29 Doctor of Audiology Residents from 15 Universities
  • Creation of The American Institute of Continuing Medical Education (AICME) providing online/smartphone access for practitioners worldwide with special emphasis on emerging economies and social entrepreneurship.

New Programs and Projects for 2017 and beyond…
Partners in Balance – AIB will partner with Health Systems, Health Organizations, and Medical Practices to develop Diagnostic and Rehabilitative Balance Programs within existing practice settings.

Off- Site Workshops – To meet the demand of practitioners throughout the U.S. and Internationally, AIB is planning to offer at least 6-8 Workshops annually off  AIB campus. Watch for details and dates of a Workshop near you!

Expanded online access for Courses, Workshops, Re-Certification curricula, and University based programs. Visit the new and improved website to learn more!

Our new Textbook – Evaluation and Treatment of Balance Disorders in Children and Adults from Thieme Medical Publishing, late 2017.

~ Richard E. Gans, Ph.D.

Founder and CEO