Audiological Evaluation

Hearing tests in ENT offices are the most commonly utilized ancillary service providing important diagnostic information for hearing loss, tinnitus, balance, and surgical implications.

In the US, on average, an Otolaryngologist

orders 150 hearing tests per month. However, it often takes three or more weeks to get the patient in for testing.

Nationwide, there is a growing challenge within otolaryngology practices to secure, employ and retain audiologists.

The Solution

Technology, accessing a remote/virtual, licensed audiologist to perform billable comprehensive audiological services. This can be done through patient triage to allow the existing employee audiologist to perform testing on those patients who may present with a more challenging condition or limited capacity to participate in a remote experience. An AIB trained and certified OtoTechTM, who is on your staff (any level extender) may serve as the “hands-on” component of the testing.

How it works

AIB Certified OtoTech, your extender is the hands-on the  patient interaction and connects the patient directly to their WebAuD.

The WebAUD conducts the tests remotely with the onsite hands-on assistance of the OtoTech

The WebAuD uploads the results to our portal, where our expert ProReaders generate the final report.

Contracted practice pays a monthly equipment rental fee for the Remote Audiology System (RAS) $795 or may purchase their equipment, approximate cost $21,000.

Contracted ENT practice is charged an hourly rate for WebAuD services. Scheduling in 2-3-4-hour blocks for an opportunity of 5 full tests @ $100 = $500. WebAuD service fee of $72 p/hour

all of these tests are included

Comprehensive Audilogy

CPT 92557    
(Medicare national avg. $36)

  • Air and Bone conduction
  • Spondee Thresholds
  • Word Discrimination Scores
  • Audiogram and test results in real time

Immittance Testing

CPT 92570  
(Medicare national avg. $31)

  • Tympanometry
  • Stapedial Reflexes
  • Reflex decay

Otoacoustic Emissions

CPT 92588  
(Medicare national avg. $33) 

Hearing Aid Dispensing

For ENT practices wishing to implement or expand hearingaid sales opportunities, WebAuD has a highly efficient andcost-effective program. Let us know how we can help!