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The smart solution for audiology practices ready to add neurodiagnostic balance testing to their lines of business. This easy and affordable program is ideal for owners who are capable of building this profit center independently. With AIB’s proven toolbox of educational and clinical methods, protocols, physician marketing and patient acquisition. Build your future through a medical model with retail overtones and become an integral part of your community’s healthcare infrastructure.

  • 24-7 Access to online Training and Education Portal
    • Vestibular Education Modules
    • Technical Training Videos
  • Billing and Coding Training Module

20% discount on all AIB Workshops

Front Office Staff Training Module with Manual

AIB Members Report Writing Software – Unlimited

Member exclusive discounted pricing on testing supplies and disposables (e.g., electrodes, tiptrodes)

AMA Approved Physician Referral
CME Program – Unlimited

Physician’s Guide to
the Neurodiagnostic Test Protocol

Physician Liaison
Training Program

  • Training Manual
  • Talking Points by Specialty
  • Supporting Research Article Database

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What Are DizzyLabTM Audiologists Saying?

Alison Vega
Alison Vega, Au.D.
Complete Hearing
Olympia, WA

Diversifying my practice to add vestibular services was a goal because I wanted to legitimize my practice and offer the full scope audiology. One of the best decisions I’ve made has been partnering with The American Institute of Balance. Originally, I tried to provide vestibular services on my own and it was really challenging to put it all together from scratch. Having AIB guide me was worth every penny.

Laura Lamb, Au.D.
Integrated Family Hearing
Jamestown, NY

I highly recommend partnering with The American Institute of Balance as a Center of Specialty Care. They provided an all-encompassing program to help us build, expand, and further develop our balance practice. AIB is quick to respond to any questions I may have and is always happy to assist in any way possible!

Jaziel Silva-Gonzalez, Au.D.
Laredo Hearing & Balance Solutions
Laredo, TX

Laredo Hearing and Balance Solutions was looking for a way to get our dizzy patients lives back in balance. Ever since becoming a Center of Specialty Care through AIB, our practice has grown significantly, and we can help our patients due to the years of clinical and research experience that supports The American Institute of Balance’s techniques.

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