Select Physical Therapists Train and Certify in Vestibular Rehabilitation at AIB

25 Physical Therapists from Central Florida, representing Select Medical Corporation, America’s largest physical therapy company and an AIB Rehabilitation Affiliate, completed their Vestibular Rehabilitation Workshop and Certification. The workshop attendees learn vestibular anatomy, physiology, disorders,  and evidenced-based rehabilitation protocols for all forms of vestibular dysfunction and outcome measures. Visit for details and calendar for all AIB Workshops.   Dr. Mary Kim,  AIB Clinic Coordinator and 4th year resident Sara Jagger demonstrate the latest techniques of Canalith Repositioning for treatment of Positional vertigo. Attendees had a chance to practice and be coached on all techniques including, Modified CRM, Semont, Gans, Appiani, Cassani and BBQ roll. AIB has treated over 9,000 BPPV patients since 1994, and has published numerous articles and textbook chapters one subject. Visit website and click on publications.