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AIB Education Foundation Announces Expansion of USA and Global Workshops Host AIB Training Workshops

According to AIB founder Richard Gans, Ph.D. “AIB’s recognized educational experience and expertise is highly sought in the increasing demand for well-trained vestibular practitioners in diagnosis and treatment of equilibrium disorders. The purpose of expanded Workshop locations and schedule is to meet the expressed needs of those who are not able to travel to AIB for training and certification.” Host an AIB Workshop We are seeking strategic alliances with host site facilities in the USA and worldwide to meet this growing interest in vestibular training. Host sites may be hospital, university, clinical or commercially based. Facilities will be co-branded and receive recognition within AIB’s marketing and public relations communications. Workshops are focused on vestibular evaluation and treatment protocols culminating in Certification examination. Workshop participants typically include Physical and Occupational Therapists, Audiologists and Physicians. Vestibular Workshops include:
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT)
  • Vestibular Assessment and Management (includes VRT)
  • Advanced Special Vestibular Topics: Migraine, Pediatric, Psychiatric Issues
Special Workshop with James W. Hall. III., Ph.D.
  • Advances in Audio-Vestibular Clinical Science – Special program with James W. Hall, III, Ph.D. and Richard E. Gans, Ph.D.
Become an AIB Certified Trainer AIB is now accepting applications from qualified professionals with 3-5 years experience, interested in undergoing Certification as an AIB Certified Trainer. Individuals must possess an earned; Ph.D., DPT., Au.D., M.D. or D.O. degrees and a demonstrated interest and competency in vestibular clinical science. All candidates will undergo extensive orientation and training with AIB educational materials and protocols with Dr. Gans and AIB staff in Tampa Bay, Florida. Upon completion of training and certification, trainers will be assigned to facilitating, teaching and co-teaching with Dr. Gans and AIB staff at AIB’s off-site Workshops in their respective city, region or country. All inquires should be directed to Ms. Rochelle Yellowdy, AIB Education Foundation Coordinator at [email protected]