VIDEO – Pediatric Vestibular Evaluation with Special Population

12 year-old female with Downs Syndrome evaluated by AIB’s Clinic Coordinator, Dr. Mary Kim, using VORTEQ to assess VOR status.

Pediatric vestibular testing, just as with all child-directed audiologic protocols, must accommodate the child’s specific needs. This child’s family was concerned about some recent behavioral changes. Based on possible concerns of “dizziness” the pediatrician and family wished to evaluate further. The child was uncomfortable and somewhat anxious in vision denied conditions, creating a reliability issue with Rotary Chair testing. She was much more compliant and happy to participate with the vision enabled Vorteq testing, resulting in excellent reliability. The open goggle and game-like aspect then allowed additional testing to proceed with vision denied protocols such as the Gans Sensory Organization Performance Test. Fortunately, all testing was well within normal parameters with no indication of labyrinthine dysfunction.