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VIDEO – Gans Repositioning Maneuver (GRM) with Bed Roll: Left PC-BPPV

The Gans Repositioning Maneuver GRM, developed in 2000, has been described in the literature and textbooks as a hybrid maneuver; particularly useful with individuals with poor or limited mobility and for those that neck hyperextension is contraindicated. An additional technique of use of a sheet or towel to facilitate a smooth and effortless bed roll, used with back patients has proven highly efficacious.


In this video, an 88 year-old male patient with left PC-BPPV, and physical co-morbidities limiting his mobility, is treated with a GRM with the bed roll. The initial position is that of left side-lying (nystagmus can be clearly observed). After waiting one minute, the patient is smoothly and effortlessly rolled to his right side. This is immediately followed by a controlled passive head-shake. Wait time is one minute post head-shake. Patient is then seated upright with a head tilt. As is the AIB protocol, patient is then immediately re-checked and retreated. This has resulted in a success rate of 97% in one visit. The patient was successfully cleared and was seen one-week post treatment. At the follow-up visit he was clear of any positional vertigo and nystagmus, and was most pleased to return to his routine activities.


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