The American Institute of Balance

Neurodiagnostic Vestibular Evaluation

Evaluation is recognized as the gold standard to determine the cause of the patient’s dizziness quickly and develop a focused treatment plan.

In the U.S., on average an otolaryngologist

uses ICD-10 R42 (dizziness and giddiness) 80 times per month. These patients, however, are rarely fully evaluated or provided a specific plan of care if not medical or surgical candidates.

Neurodiagnostic  vestibular testing

with OtoLabTM, followed by treatment with AIB Certified physical therapists leads to best outcomes for patients and reduced cost! More than 10,000 AIB Certified therapists in all 50 states and growing!

OtoLabTM powered by the American Institute of Balance is an exclusive otolaryngology-based healthcare solution designed to provide vestibular neurodiagnostic testing services within your own four walls without capital purchases or personnel.

OtoLabTM provides a complete world-class, state-of-the-art neurodiagnostic laboratory in less than 100 square feet. You schedule, bill and collect, AIB does the rest! . With over 30 years of success partnering with the nation’s top otolaryngology practices large and small, AIBs proven methodology is sure to elevate your practice and increase profitability!


Benefits of OtoLabTM

No equipment to buy or lease

No Capital expense.

All of these tests are included:

Rotary Chair



Cervical & Ocular VEMP

Brainstem Evoked Potentials

Requires no more than 100 square feet of space.

Staffed by an AIB Certified OtoTechTMemployee – NO payroll, health, or 401K

Allows your Audiologists to focus on higher level and revenue producing activities

National Medicare average reimbursement is $600 per evaluation

5 full evaluations per day. Up to 100 patients per month.

AIB ProReadTM Reporting System – The most comprehensive, in-depth analysis and recommendations

Full billing, coding, and marketing support

Comprehensive patient education library- customized for your practice

What Are OtoLabTM Otolaryngologists Saying?

Pranay Patel, M.D., FACSWatson Clinic, Lakeland, FL

The American Institute of Balance has become an instrumental part of our ENT practice. They offer an incredibly comprehensive service which has been a great addition to the offerings for our patients. Our partnership with AIB allows us to offer gold standard care to dizzy patients and has been a great way to grow our practice through ancillary services. I would strongly recommend partnering with AIB to any ENT looking to help patients with dizziness or imbalance.

Hernan Goldsztein, M.D., Pacific ENT, Carlsbad CA

Neurodiagnostic testing has been a great addition to our busy Neurotology practice. Patients, staff, and physicians appreciate having a one stop point of care providing timely, streamlined state of the art assessments for complex balance conditions. The American Institute of Balance has been an invaluable partner in this endeavor allowing us to expand our referral base. The equipment, staffing and training process, and support over the years has been excellent and we look forward to continuing being the reference point for balance disorders in North County San Diego.

Robert A. Nunez, M.D.Independence ENT, Stuart, FL

I have had the pleasure of working with AIB for 20 years. During this time, they have always taken great care of our patients and provided us with world class service. Their academic approach and evidence based protocols has allowed us to offer the very best care to our patients They have always been very responsive to our needs and are always there with full support.

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