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Online International Vestibular Rehabilitation Certificate




Registration Instructions

1. At the top of this page, click Add to Cart 

2. On the next page, click proceed to checkout

3. If you have a special discount code, you will enter it on the checkout page

4. Enter your address and payment information and then click Place Order

5. Pricing is based on WHO guidelines and your country of residence (this is the price you see at the top)

6. You will be able to print out your certificate after you successfully pass the examination

7. The course can be started and stopped at any time

8. The course can be accessed at any time

9. The resource section of your online course includes the library access instructions

10. Watch the tutorial video at the bottom of this page

11. For Subtitles, click the CC button on the bottom right of the videos

12. For questions or help, email [email protected]


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