Head Trauma and BPPV in Children

Youngsters are just as subject to acquired BPPV post head trauma as are adults. Trevor, a 9 year old avid sports enthusiast, took a bad backward tumble off his skateboard hitting his head. Parents took him to the ER and all looked okay until he went to bed that night. Positional vertigo with acute nausea… so another trip to the ER. For two-weeks he was seen by multiple specialists and MRI studies…he was also very upset as he was about to miss a long awaited Soccer Camp. Finally the Children’s Hospital referred him to AIB for advanced testing for dizziness. Good news, bilateral PC-BPPV, treated with Gans Repositioning Maneuver, no restrictions and he was at Soccer camp within days.  So remember what the late Harold Schuknechtt M.D.  taught us…always look for the simplest explanation and solution first.