Faisal Mubarak, DSc

Faisal M. Al Mubarak, DSc 

Dr.Al Mubarak has received his Doctorate degree in 2016 from Loma linda University with a focus in balance disorders & Vestibular Rehabilitation. Dr. Al Mubarak had also earned a master degree in Health Services Adminstration in 2008 from University of Evansville and held different leadership positions. Dr.Al Mubarak is certified in the management of Cervicogenic Dizziness and Orthopedic Manual Therapy. He is participating in many different projects related to Balance disorders and Vestibular rehabilitation. He had run different workshops and presented in different events topics related to Balance Disorders, Quality of Life, and Vestibular Rehabilitation. Dr.Al Mubarak is also interested and trained in developing clinical and academic training programs.