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Become a USA or International AIB Certified Trainer

AIB is pleased to announce a global initiative to certify individuals wishing to be AIB Certified Trainers, who will conduct AIB Workshops in select venues.   Trainers must hold a Doctoral Degree in Audiology, Medicine, or Physical Therapy and have at least 5 years professional experience.  Trainers will undergo extensive orientation and training directly with Dr. Gans and will co-present with him both in the USA and International venues. Pictured are Drs. Scott Paskiewicz, DPT of Long Island, NY and Areej AL Mansouri, MD of Jehda, Saudi Arabia who  represent the latest class of certified trainers.  If you have an interest in becoming a certified trainer, please contact Rochelle Yellowdy via email: [email protected] Become a USA or International AIB Certified Trainer The American Institute of Balance - Dizziness - Lightheadedness - Vertigo