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AIB Goes Global

Published on: September 24, 2018

AIB continues to have a presence as a global thought leader in the realm of vestibular and balance sciences. Dr. Gans has made 11 international trips thus far in 2018, ranging from India, to London, to the Middle East and South America!

Stay tuned as AIB partners with the world’s most important experts in creating Centers of Specialty Care and Excellence and Certification Workshops.

Whats Next in 2018?

Marrakesh, Morocco – November 2108
Advanced Arab Academy of Audiovestibuology

Featured image: Muscat, Oman – January 2018

Dubai, UAE – January 2018
Jodhpur, India – February 2018
London, UK – February 2018
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – April 2018
Santiago, Chile – March 2018
Dubai, UAE – April 2018
Kuwait City, Kuwait – April 2018
Bogota and Barranquilla, Colombia – April 2018
Mexico City, Mexico – July 2018
Salalah, Oman – August 2018

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