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AIB Education Foundation Sponsors Vestibular Research Grant

BboyFrom the American Academy of Audiology Website: The AAAF is pleased to announce that it will partner with the American Institute of Balance (AIB) Education Foundation to fund an annual grant in vestibular research. Thanks to a generous gift from the AIB Education Foundation, a grant of up to $5,000 will be made for balance research or a vestibular fellowship opportunity for an audiology graduate student. Richard E. Gans, PhD, Founder and Executive Director of the AIB Education Foundation, stated how pleased he is to contribute to the funding of this new award:
I am so pleased to work with the Academy and AAAF to fund new research in balance science. Balance disorders have received growing attention in recent years, and our support of cutting-edge research will contribute to the many breakthroughs that ensure improvements in the quality of life for those with vestibular disorders. It is a privilege to support future scientists who are studying these complex and potentially disabling conditions.
Victoria Keetay, PhD, Academy senior director of education, echoed Gans’ enthusiasm for this new research grant when she said, “This gift from the AIB Education Foundation will provide grant-funding over five years, allowing the Academy to work with the AAAF to build a foundation for a vestibular research grants program. Thank you, Dr. Gans, for this generous gift and your spirit of collaboration on this new project!” Researchers will find more information about this opportunity offered through the Academy’s Research Grants in Hearing and Balance program on the Academy’s Web site after August 15, 2009. See: