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Pediatric Vestibular Screenings Conducted Throughout Guatemala

Dr. Paty Castellanos, of Guatemala City, Guatemala, one of Central America’s foremost audiologists, recently conducted pediatric vestibular screenings on 700+ hearing impaired children throughout Guatemala.  The children, previously identified, were being seen at McDonald’s restaurants for their hearing aid fittings as part of an ongoing philanthropic initiative performed by Dr. Castellanos and her colleagues.  Dr. Castellanos in collaboration with Dr. Richard Gans of AIB, who designed the study utilizing the Gans Sensory Organization Performance Test, will be reporting their findings in a major publication early next year.  Felicidades, Dra. Castellanos!

Dr. Gans in Guatemala

Dr. Gans made several presentations at leading Guatemala City hospitals and spent several days consulting and seeing patients with Dr.Michel Nuyens and Dra. Patricia Castellanos de Munoz at the distinguished Diagnostico Vestibular Clinic, the AIB Affiliate in Guatemala.

AIB Presents at Academy Conference

AIB Doctors have just returned from San Diego where they presented at the American Academy of Audiology meeting. Dr. Gans presented on pediatric vestibular topics and vestibular rehabilitation; and Dr. Tarver presented a number of very interesting case studies with Dr. Richard Roberts in a Featured Session presentation.  Dr. Gans’s and Dr. Tarver’s presentations were both very well attended and received. To download the references for Dr. Tarver’s Audiology Now 2010 presentation please visit the Publications section of our website!