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Tag: Education

ENTs from Mexico and Costa Rica Train at AIB

Dr. Gans and AIB faculty are pleased to welcome Mario Villegas-Gonzalez, M.D., Ph.D., from Monterrey, Mexico and Enrique Munoz, M.D. from Costa Rica. Both physicians are participating in the Institute’s 3-day Vestibular Rehabilitation Workshop. Dr. Villegas is also collaborating with Dr. Gans on an ENT resident training program at University of Nuevo Leon Medical School in Monterrey.

New 4th Year Au.D. Resident at AIB

AIB staff welcomes Yun Jin Mary Kim. Mary is from Salus University and will spend her 4th year at AIB specializing in vestibular and equilibrium evaluation and treatment. Mary is AIB’s 14th Audiology resident. Pictured at far right is Patrick Dolon of Nova Southeastern University, who is #13 and soon to graduate.  Soon to be Dr. Dolon will be joining AIB’s clinical staff.

AIB Presents at Academy Conference

AIB Doctors have just returned from San Diego where they presented at the American Academy of Audiology meeting. Dr. Gans presented on pediatric vestibular topics and vestibular rehabilitation; and Dr. Tarver presented a number of very interesting case studies with Dr. Richard Roberts in a Featured Session presentation.  Dr. Gans’s and Dr. Tarver’s presentations were both very well attended and received. To download the references for Dr. Tarver’s Audiology Now 2010 presentation please visit the Publications section of our website!

April Vestibular Rehabilitation Workshop

Physical and Occupational Therapists from around the country attended AIB’s Vestibular Rehabilitation Workshop.  AIB’s 7 workshops are designed for therapists, physicians and audiologists wishing to learn in small, hands-on learning modules.  Dr. Gans works with students in demonstrating the rehabilitation protocols from his book Vestibular Rehabilitation: Protocols and Programs.