SenSen is a tablet-based assessment tool that precisely measures:

  • Gait
  • Postural Sway
  • Dynamic Fall Propensity
  • Balance

Small footprint: works with 3 lightweight, blue-tooth sensors that a patient wears on their sacrum (STEADI plus) or ankles (Gait).
All-inclusive: comes with Samsung tablet, 3 modules, waist belt, ankle straps, quick-start guide, chargers and storage case.
Easy to use: Turn on the tablet, connect the sensors, add patients, and begin testing.
Eliminates intra- and inter-clinician reliability issues.  Ensure that assessment outcomes are always consistent.
Desktop companion website to manage clinicians, patients, and view all patient history.

2 Assessment Types:

The Gait assessment measures:

  • Cadence
  • Elevation at Midswing
  • Gait Cycle Duration
  • Gait Speed
  • Double Support
  • Step Duration
  • Stride Length
  • Swing

The STEADI plus assessment includes:

  • Balance – 4 stage balance test and modified CTSIB
  • Dynamic Fall Propensity – 30 chair stand and timed up and go (TUG)
  • Postural Sway – Measures a patients horizontal movement around their center of gravity

Precise scores will be given for each Gait measure listed above, STEADI plus outputs will follow CDC-normed data. All assessments will also output patient scores into percentiles based.

BlueBerry II Module and Belt

  • Comfortable Spandex/Polyester stretch belt that fits patients up to a 50″ waist.
  • Adjusting the belt to each patient takes only a few seconds.
  • Sensor module securely clips into a holster on the belt for effortless and accurate alignment of sensor module.