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September is Fall Prevention Month 

Talking Points:

  1. Hearing and balance are not separate terms and should be addressed for all patients with hearing impairments. Researchers have demonstrated through systematic reviews that hearing aids are important in improving a patient’s quality of life and improving their level of confidence for fear of falling. Our clinicians will work with your patients on returning their hearing confidence, health-related quality of life, and reduce their falls risk.
    Borsetto et al 2021

  2. Patients with neurodegenerative disorders, like Multiple Sclerosis, have a statistically significant increase risk of falls. Researchers have looked at the feasibility of at-home exercises and education to reduce a patient’s risk of falls. The data is there — home-based exercises plus education demonstrates a reduction in fall risk and lower injury risk for those in the intervention groups. 
    Gun et al 2021


  3. Following a brain injury or stroke, there are multiple musculoskeletal injuries and complaints that arise and are often addressed for a patient’s fall risk. However, one overlooked topic is oculomotor and gaze stabilization. A randomized controlled trial looked at just this and found that patients who received oculomotor and gaze stabilization exercise compared to a standard therapy program demonstrated a reduction in risk of falls. Our team is trained to assess for oculomotor and gaze stabilization issues that may be increasing your patient’s risk of falls. 
    Correia et al 2021

Download Article 1

The Influence of Hearing Aids on Balance
Control: A Systematic Review

Borsetto et al

Download Article 2

Balance Right in Multiple Sclerosis (BRiMS): a feasibility randomised controlled trial of a
falls prevention programme

Gunn et al

Download Article 3

Better balance: a randomised
controlled trial of oculomotor and
gaze stability exercises to reduce
risk of falling after stroke

 – Correia et al



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