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March 2022 Physician Liaison

Talking Points:

1.  Dizziness and imbalance are two of the most common symptoms experienced following head trauma and mTBI affecting 39 – 62% of patients. The central nervous system and peripheral vestibular systems can both play a role in these symptoms. Understanding the origin of the problem is critical in developing the most effective treatment approach for each patient. Thorough neurodiagnostic vestibular evaluation can identify where the patient’s dizziness is coming from and plays a vital role in producing excellent treatment outcomes. Harrell et al. 2021

2.  The exact aetiology of dizziness and balance problems following concussion and mTBI can be difficult to establish given the complex pathophysiology. Effective rehabilitation of these conditions can be challenging and must be tailored based on the nature of the symptoms and site of lesion. Comprehensive neurodiagnostic evaluation is the first step in developing a non-medical treatment plan. Sarkic et al. 2020

3.  The vestibulo-ocular reflex (VOR) and oculomotor (OM) systems are very often impacted by mTBI and concussion. These complex systems can be difficult to evaluate and differentiate at the bedside. Comprehensive neurodiagnostic vestibular evaluation involves objectively evaluating these mechanisms and determining level of function. This evaluation guides rehabilitation protocols in order to produce better outcomes for patients Crampton et al. 2021


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Prevalence, clinical profile, and diagnosis of pediatric dizziness in a tertiary care hospital

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Prevalence of Pediatric Dizziness and Imbalance in the United States

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