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December 2021

Talking Points:

1.  The importance of assessing the cervical spine and the VOR is important in your patients with mild concussive symptoms. Our trained team can work with your patients to make sure they are undergoing the most evidence-based protocols for assessing the origin of a patient’s complaints. Follow-up with physical therapy is important and can help reduce future chronic complaints. Wong et al 2021

2.  While time since a patient’s head injury is important for assessment, it may be just as important to let the patient have active rest during the initial injury once imaging and red flags have been ruled out. Moser et al found that correlation factors between improvement in time since injury may be important to help expedite appropriate care. Our team will work with your patient in getting them the care they need for assessing vestibular contributions to their post-head injury complaints.  Moser et al 2021

3.  Following successful cochlear implantation some patients may exhibit dizziness and balance dysfunction. Proper diagnosis of inner ear related dizziness is important following successful CI. Researchers have found negative correlation of caloric and VEMPT testing but found abnormalities on video head impulse testing. Our team can perform an evidence-based battery of tests, including the vHIT, following successful CI to help determine your patient’s cause of dizziness and imbalance.  Guan et al 2021

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Sequencing and Integration of Cervical Manual Therapy and Vestibulo-oculomotor Therapy for Concussion Symptoms: Retrospective Analysis

– Wong et al 2021

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Does time since injury and duration matter in the benefits of physical therapy treatment for concussion

– Moser et al 2021

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Vestibular Function in Children and Adults Before and After Unilateral or Sequential Bilateral Cochlear Implantation

 – Guan et al 2021