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VNG Competency Exercise Examination

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VNG Competency Exercise Examination
Question #1: Otoscopy should be performed on:
Question #2: When performing the vertebral artery screening test (VAST), it is best to:
Question #3: A patient reports significant lightheadedness during VAST testing with hyperextension and rotation. This clears when the patient returns to neutral. You should:
Question #4: Calibration should be performed:
Question #5: Which of the following is not part of the oculomotor battery?
Question #6: The patient’s comfort may be increased during Hallpike, positional, and caloric testing by:
Question #7: The patient presents with excessive earwax in the left ear. This is not removed prior to caloric irrigation. Results reveal a left unilateral weakness. You should:
Question #8: The patient becomes nauseated during caloric testing. You should suppress the nausea by:
Question #9: The patient is very anxious about the testing before it begins. You should:
Question #10: A patient has a history of epilepsy. Which of the following is contraindicated?