Advanced VRT Certification Examination

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Advanced VRT
Question #1: Which brain center does NOT influence central compensation
Question #2: Space and motion discomfort may be associated with
Question #3: The interplay of Migraine Anxiety Related Dizziness (MARD) symptoms most likely include
Question #4: Motor Conversion Disorders are typically
Question #5: The primary function of the inner ear is
Question #6: The labyrinth is fully developed en utero as early as
Question #7: The most useful electrophysiological pediatric vestibular assessment tool is the
Question #8: Motor milestones for pediatric balance assessment can begin as early as
Question #9: Migraine may be linked to
Question #10: Concussion (mTBI) may cause
Question #11: Most concussion symptoms resolve
Question #12: Vestibular functions tests may assist in concussion patient
Question #13: VRT has been shown to be useful in concussion patients
Question #14: Gaze stabilization VRT protocols are used
Question #15: Balance related falls are the leading cause of ________________
in the elderly
Question #16: Concussion is one of the most commonly acquired neurological conditions in
Question #17: Vestibular evaluation of individuals with mTBI should include which of the following
Question #18: The primary function of substitution VRT protocols should work to
Question #19: Which outcome measure should NOT be used to help determine return to play (RTP) status
Question #20: Concussion studies reveal that