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Fact #1

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Dizziness is the #1 complaint of persons age 70 and older and #3 for all age groups, only preceded by backache and headache.

Fact #2

Fall-risk and loss of independence are recognized as the #1 concern of older adults, the fastest-growing segment of the population.

Fact #3

90 million Americans each year seek medical help for dizziness, vertigo or falls.

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Approximately 80 patients per month with complaints of dizziness, vertigo or a history of falls are seen in physician offices.  These patients are not typically surgical candidates and can be effectively managed through skilled rehabilitation from Physical and Occupational Therapists. What if you could take advantage of this supply of patients, efficiently manage them, improve their outcomes, AND generate revenue within your current practice? Let the AIB team of rehabilitation specialists show you how to increase referrals and differentiate yourself from your competition, all while managing the dizzy patient in an efficacious, successful manner with minimal equipment and space!

Physicians and health systems are being evaluated via Medicare Quality Scores for Fall Risk Assessment and Plan of Care. Dizzy patients are difficult and frustrating for many physicians to manage. The testing and evaluation you will be trained to perform will satisfy this requirement, which is an extremely helpful service to both primary care physicians, ENT’s and Neurologists.

What do I need?

  • Exclusive AIB Center of Specialty Care (CSC) licensing agreement
  • Equipment recommendations are minimal and based upon your individual needs, space, and patient population.

Benefits of an AIB Center of Specialty Care

  • Exclusive Co-branding
  • Referral Generating Program
  • Marketing – print & digital
  • Financing Options
  • Clinical & Technical Support
  • Education – Certification Workshops & Online Training
  • Technology/Equipment Discounts
  • Access to AIB Wellness Program






About us
The American Institute of Balance (AIB), is a global healthcare company based in Tampa Bay, Florida. Since 1992, AIB has provided the worldwide health community with the most current and scientifically robust clinical protocols and information through workshops, online education, corporate training programs, and practice development.

Let AIB’s more than 25-year history of success developing balance services for ENT physicians, audiologists, rehabilitation specialists, hospitals and health systems go to work for you! Contact us for a free analysis of your practice management needs and goals. 


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