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Fact #1

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Dizziness is the #1 complaint of persons age 70 and older and #3 for all age groups, only preceded by backache and headache.

Fact #2

Fall-risk and loss of independence are recognized as the #1 concern of older adults, the fastest-growing segment of the population.

Fact #3

90 million Americans each year seek medical help for dizziness, vertigo or falls.


About us
The American Institute of Balance (AIB), is a global healthcare company based in Tampa Bay, Florida. Since 1992, AIB has provided the worldwide health community with the most current and scientifically robust clinical protocols and information through workshops, online education, corporate training programs, and practice development.

Let AIB’s more than 25-year history of success developing balance services for ENT physicians, audiologists, rehabilitation specialists, hospitals and health systems go to work for you! Contact us for a free analysis of your practice management needs and goals. 


The typical Neurologist in the USA sees hundreds of patients each year with acute and/or chronic onset of dizziness, vertigo, ataxia and a range of movement disorders. These conditions may range from acute onset conditions including; BPPV, vestibular migraine, vestibular neuritis, stroke, and mTBI/concussion to chronic conditions such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s.

What if you could take advantage of this flow of patients and efficiently manage them with a medical extender. With AIB’s protocols, neurodiagnostic vestibular testing within your office will allow quality patient care, and great outcomes, in an efficacious, and profitable manner with minimal equipment and space.

How do I get started?

A comprehensive neurodiagnostic suite can be set-up in your facility in as little as 100 square feet. Equipment recommendations are based upon your individual facility’s needs, what will directly generate income, and what will produce the best outcome measures for the patient. Testing may be performed by a trained medical extender (AIB will provide training and certification), generating on average $450 per patient every 75 minutes. 

Potential Revenue

Below is a diagram of the most common diagnostic CPT codes and corresponding reimbursement. Based on this data, a full diagnostic assessment can yield up to $555 (including auditory tests) per patient. Based on a conservative projection of testing only 15 patients per week, this would produce an annual gross revenue of $333,000.

600 patients / 52 weeks = 11.5 patients per week

 600 patients x $555 average reimbursement per patient = $333,000 Gross Revenue

What do I need?

  • Exclusive AIB Center of Specialty Care (CSC) licensing agreement
  • AIB proprietary report writing software with Gans Logic Tree
  • Equipment recommendations are based upon your individual facility’s needs, highest income generation, and produce the best outcomes for the patient.

What about Rehabilitation?

Therapists worldwide use AIB’s vestibular rehabilitation, balance,  concussion protocols, and canalith repositioning maneuvers. The Institute’s proven and evidence-based approach to successful physical therapy outcomes can be included within your practice and for your therapy providers. 

Let the AIB team create an innovative rehabilitation business model within your practice to increase both profit and patient outcomes.  Opportunities and options include (but are not limited to) the following:

In-house Rehab

The AIB senior staff have a combined 30 years of experience working in the management and business development of rehabilitation practices.  Our team will do a thorough analysis of your current practice and make recommendations for in-house rehabilitation options that do not involve expensive technology or equipment, all while yielding successful patient outcomes.

Cross-referral Network

The AIB has a global network of over 2,000 trained and certified rehabilitation professionals available to help your practice create cross-referral relationships within the rehabilitation community.  This option is most favorable for facilities who do not have the space, resources, volume, or staff available to operate a rehabilitation facility.  The advantages of creating relationships with local rehabilitation partners may include opportunities for cross-referrals, increased community exposure through collaborative marketing efforts, and increased hearing aid sales!

Benefits of an AIB Center of Specialty Care

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  • Exclusive Co-branding

  • AIB PT Referral Network

  • Marketing – print & digital

  • Financing Options

  • Clinical & Technical Support

  • Education – Certification Workshops & Online Training

  • Technology/Equipment Discounts

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