Richard E. Gans, PhD

Richard E. Gans, Ph.D

Founder  of The American Institute of Balance, one of the largest balance centers in the USA, Dr. Gans received his PhD from The Ohio State University in Auditory-Vestibular Physiology. For over 20 years has been a leader in the development of vestibular evaluation and rehabilitation techniques, including tests of oscillopsia and postural stability as well as BPPV treatment. He has presented or published over 150 programs and papers worldwide in the area of equilibrium disorders. He is the author of 8 textbook chapters and texts ranging from diagnostic vestibular testing, vestibular rehabilitation, BPPV treatments and pediatric vestibular evaluation. Thieme Medical Publishers will publish his upcoming textbook, Evaluation and Management of Balance Disorders in Children and Adults. His most current research is in the areas of pediatrics, migraine and psychiatric aspects of dizziness. Dr. Gans served as the President of the American Academy of Audiology (2004-2005) and continues to be active in professional and governmental issues. He is an adjunct professor at Nova Southeastern University and the University of South Florida.