AIB Introduces new certification guidelines and benefits!

Maintaining your American Institute of Balance (AIB) Certification demonstrates your commitment to strengthening your knowledge and skills with the latest developments in vestibular science, concussion intervention, and pain management while staying competitive in your profession and industry. You can continue to be the provider of choice for patients.

Beginning in January of 2021, AIB will offer re-certification opportunities on a biennial basis (every two years). Additionally, our exciting re-certification program will extend to you many new benefits.

How to Purchase Recertification Exam

When is it time to recertify?
AIB has established a new timeline for recertification. Recertification exams will be available during a 3-month window from January 1 – March 31 of each year. This means that your existing certification will be valid until the exam window closes on March 31 of your second year.  You will receive an email in the month of January 2021 with instructions.

What benefits are offered with the recertification?
Listing on website searchable database for AIB certified providers
Access to AIB’s online library Zotero
Eligibility to participate in AIB’s Partner in Balance Program

What does the recertification exam consist of?
The recertification exam is comprised of foundational content and information derived from research that has been published since the date of the original workshop. The exam format may include multiple-choice, true/false, and case-based questions.

Prior to taking the recertification exam, participants will be provided with reading materials necessary to prepare for the exam.

What is a passing score to remain certified?
A passing score is 76% or better.

How many attempts am I allowed to pass the exam?
A total of two attempts are allowed.

What happens if I do not pass the exam on two (2) attempts?
If you do not pass the recertification exam after two (2) attempts, recertification will only be granted if you register and participate in the current certification workshop on the same topic. This serves as an opportunity to more thoroughly learn/review the material alongside AIB faculty and provides you with two (2) more opportunities to pass the exam.

How much does re-certification cost?
The cost for recertification is $195.

What are the credentials that I have been designated to use once I am recertified?

  • Vestibular Rehabilitation, AIB-VR
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation II, AIB-VRII
  • Vestibular Assessment & Management, AIB-VAM
  • Concussion, AIB-CON
  • Pain Management, AIB-PM
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation & Concussion, AIB-VR/CON

How long is recertification good for?
Technically, AIB certification (and recertification) are approved for two (2) years. However, to allow for an annual testing window to occur, individuals taking certification courses for the first time will be granted an extended period of certification recognition (see chart above). Individuals already holding active certification will essentially remain certified for a period of 24-27 months.

What should I do if my certification lapses and I miss the window to recertify?
AIB has established a generous window of exam recertification and extended original workshop certification timelines. Unfortunately, if you let your certification expire the process for re-activating requires attendance at a currently offered workshop that will allow for you to sit for the exam.

Why did AIB change the recertification process?
AIB values course feedback from all participants and we strive to maintain high-quality workshops and a respective certification brand. As such, changes to the recertification process were implemented from your suggestions – and we listened!