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Gans repositioning maneuver for the posterior canal BPPV patients: systematic review and meta‑analysis

European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology Published: April 6, 2022 Authors Deepika Joshi1 · Vyom Gyanpuri2 · Abhishek Pathak1 · Rameshwar Nath Chaurasia1 · Vijay Nath Mishra1 · Anand Kumar1 · Varun Kumar Singh1 · Dharma Raj3 · Neetu Rani Dhiman1 Background/Objectives BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo) is a syndrome marked by brief bouts of vertigo accompanied by rapid changes in head position. Recent ongoing therapeutic approaches used are vestibular rehabilitation exercises and physical maneuvers like the Epley maneuver, Semont maneuver. Gans Read More

Association of cognitive impairment and fall risk in older adults: an analytical cross-sectional study

Association of cognitive impairment and fall risk in older adults: an analytical cross-sectional study
Journal of Otolaryngology-ENT Research Published: March 17, 2022 Authors Kenneth Chua, Brittany Fauble, Richard Gans Background/Objectives Falling affects up to one-third of older adults each year and poses as a major public health concern. It is one of the main causes of morbidity and mortality in the geriatric population. Many studies have suggested that poorer cognition increases fall risks but there is currently no consensus on implementing cognitive assessment routinely for patients at risk of falls. This may be due Read More

Balance and functional mobility predict low bone mineral density among postmenopausal women undergoing recent menopause with osteoporosis, osteopenia, and normal bone mineral density: A cross-sectional study

A B S T R A C T The purpose of this study was to determine whether balance and functional mobility independently predict bone mineral density (BMD) in postmenopausal women. BMD at the hip and spine was measured with dualenergy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA). Participants were assigned into groups (i.e., osteoporosis: n=20; osteopenia: n=20; normal BMD: n=20) according to DEXA T-scores. Participants performed the single leg stance test (SLS), timed-up-and-go (TUG), and 6-meter walking test. An ordinal logistic regression was performed to determine whether the SLS, TUG, 6MWT independently predict BMD, while accounting for age, age at menopause, and body mass index. Three factors predicted low BMD: (1) less time to hold the SLS (odds ratio (OR): 0.50); (2) longer TUG Read More

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