Academic Partnerships

The American Institute of Balance proudly partners with Universities and other academic affiliates to provide public educational opportunities, while simultaneously supporting and collaborating with allied health and medical programs. Examples of such collaboration may be in any of the following or a hybrid model:
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Workshop Opportunities

The AIB is interested in partnering with academic sites as a host venue for its Certification Workshops. Compensation can include percentage of gross AIB Workshop revenue from tuition paid to the host site, scholarship funding, as well as free tuition to faculty, students, and staff (as a percentage of seating capacity).


Benefits of partnering with AIB as a host site venue:

  • Demonstrates your commitment to lifelong learning and to the professional development of current, future, and past students.
  • Allows you to offer economical and convenient, evidence-based continuing education for clinical faculty and staff.
  • Provides additional funding which supports research opportunities (including collaborative projects and clinical trials), philanthropy (including scholarships and gifts in support of research), and program development.
  • Increases the exposure of your University to both a national and international audience

CME-CEU Programs

AIB staff and faculty may possess expertise that Universities wish to include or collaborate with their existing CME/CEU programs. Based on mutually agreeable dates and terms, AIB will work with the faculty, administration, and staff to meet these needs.


AIB will work as co-investigators on any research projects which fall into areas of mutual interest, and which the AIB’s large clinical populations may enhance the strength of the research methodology and construct validity.

Faculty Participation in On-Site and On-Line Courses

Faculty may be invited to participate as paid faculty for AIB and AICME’s onsite and on-line courses and Workshops. In addition, the AIB is presently working with several international accredited medical schools to add a Ph.D. degree in Vestibular Sciences and faculty may participate in teach core and basic sciences and associated classes via an on-line platform.

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