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AIB provides a centralized resource for clinical training, continuing education and practical management of patients with dizziness, vertigo, and imbalance. The AIB Education Foundation has trained thousands of physical, occupational therapists and physicians worldwide. AIB’s well-proven, evidenced-based vestibular rehabilitation protocols and programs have been used successfully by the country’s leading hospitals, outpatient rehabilitation facilities, home-healthcare agencies and the military.

Leverage AIB's Expertise and Reputation Gans Teaching

AIB will provide the training necessary to provide exceptional patient care while utilizing AIB’s proven protocols for properly evaluating and diagnosing balance disorders. As a result, managed care organizations are rewarding those service providers who offer successful treatments within established financial guidelines with continued support and attractive reimbursement policies.

Certification Programs at AIB

  • Vestibular Rehabilitation (21 hours of course work)
  • Vestibular Assessment (21 hours of course work)
  • Vestibular Assessment & Management (35 hours of course work)
  • Evidence Based Concussion (12 hours of course work)

For a list of workshops and program details, click here.


AIB and AIB Education Foundation are internationally recognized as the Proven Leader in Vestibular &

Equilibrium Evaluation, Treatment, and Education.

    ✔ AIB is internationally recognized as the Proven Leader in Vestibular & Equilibrium Evaluation, Treatment, and Education.
    ✔ Distinguish yourself from your competition.
    ✔ Show that you have been trained to utilize evidence based, industry respected best practices.
    ✔ Demonstrate to company leadership your commitment and expertise.

Eligibility and Costs

Individuals with an earned degree in a specialty designation (audiology, medicine, physical therapy or occupational therapy) from an accredited university may certify.

The cost of the initial 2-year certification is included in the program tuition. The 2-year re-certification is $125. To re-certify, individuals will take a written re-examination and submit to AIB for grading. To request the re-certification application and exam, contact us here.

Certification Process

  • Possess an earned degree in audiology, medicine, physical or occupational therapy from an accredited university.
  • Successfully complete one of AIB Certification Workshops.
  • At the end of the workshop you will be given a take home examination (open book). The manual portion is your CRM practice while at AIB. Earn a satisfactory score of 74% or better on the written exam to receive Certification.
  • Your Certificate will then be mailed to you.

Let AIB bring the classroom to you!

For groups of 20 or more, AIB can provide your organization and its professional staff with 1, 2 or 3 day workshops. This is a highly cost-effective way to maximize training opportunities while controlling the expense associated with travel and disruption of patient scheduling. Many organizations both private and governmental have found this to be a cost effective method of providing education and clinical training.

To schedule an onsite class or to get corporate rates, please contact Rochelle Yellowdy at ryellowdy@dizzy.com.



Once Certification is attained by an individual, AIB provides the opportunity for the institution they are employed with to become part of the AIB Affiliate Network. The AIB Affiliate Network has been developed in response to the overwhelming need for a branded national network of vestibular and equilibrium service providers.  Separate yourself from the competition and distinguish your practice as an expert in the growing niche of Vestibular and Equilibrium services provider.

Affiliation Advantages

Increased Revenue: establish and foster your practice’s success in this specialty healthcare niche.

Brand Identity: quickly enhance the credibility and prestige within the medical and managed care communities.

Marketing Tools: access to proprietary physician and patient marketing materials (link to view sample materials available).

Clinical Education and Practice Management: ongoing education (online and on-campus workshops), access to current research and the latest clinical protocols.

Centralized Resource - for clinical training, continuing education, and practical business administration.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing and Clinical Solutions

Types of Institutions that may Affiliate

  • Individual Practice
  • Corporations
  • Hospitals
  • Home Health
  • Outpatient Rehabilitation

The Need for a Branded National Network

AIB developed the Affiliate Program in response to the overwhelming need for a branded national network of vestibular and equilibrium service providers.  The comprehensive Affiliate Program is a culmination of the first major steps of professional association with AIB:  Education and Certification.

The diagnosis and treatment of equilibrium disorders is a rapidly growing market within the medical services delivery system.  In fact, dizziness is the third-ranked complaint heard in doctors’ offices for all patients and the number one complaint for patients over the age of 65.  Increased life expectancies and an aging Baby Boomer generation indicate that this trend shows no signs of slowing down. 

While dizziness and balance disorders are prevalent, patients have not historically received treatment with any significant degree of success.  Common pharmaceutical therapies are often administered as the result of ineffective diagnostic resources.  Many times, patients, physicians, and managed care organizations are unable to easily identify qualified service providers and recognized systems of treatment centers.  Until now, the market for assessment and treatment was highly fragmented.

The Power of the AIB Brand

AIB Affiliates receive a new brand identity, which quickly enhances credibility and prestige within the medical and managed care communities.  Affiliation is also a strategic business opportunity due to the significant possibilities for increased revenues.  Members can enjoy reduced operating costs within their practices by using many fixed diagnostic and therapy expenses, and by maintaining strategic alliances with a proprietary equipment manufacturer.


  • Identification with a respected healthcare brand.
  • Use of the AIB URL, www.dizzy.com.
  • This portal is widely used by patients and health care professionals and features a national locator system to educate patients about your practice.
  • Year-round programs for senior and support staff on diagnostics, treatment, and the business of balance; offered through the AIB Education Foundation.
    • Discounts on existing courses
    • Exclusive Affiliate courses
    • Certification to ensure the highest level of patient care and proper professional practice. Availability of Remote VNG Interpretation and Report Writing Support. Exclusive patient and physician education materials:
  • Customized print collateral
    • Physician’s marketing kit (article summaries, letters for developing referrals, etc.)
    • Patient education brochures
    • Customized physician and patient Power Point presentations
    • Special offers on VNG instrumentation and balance therapy equipment.

Additional Exclusive Affiliate Benefits

Business Development
You will receive assistance in the start-up planning, development, marketing and implementation of a successful balance service within your practice or facility.  Dr. Gans’ 25 years of experience in the management of freestanding, hospital and institutionally-based centers provides you with the information and expertise that you need to succeed. Fee for service.

Business Management Support
This service offers you ongoing assistance in the management of your balance center, including marketing, personnel management and billing and coding, to ensure your clinic’s success. Requires an annual contract.

On-site Consultation-Promotion-Education
Dr. Gans or another AIB senior staff member will visit your facility for consultation, promotion of your service to physicians or health plans, and educational programs for the medical or lay communities. Fee for service.

Clinical Support Services
AIB provides ongoing assistance for reviewing patient history and clinical data (VNG, VEMP, etc.).  Interpretation of test findings to assist clinicians with triage and management is also available.  Each patient receives a proprietary report using the AIB Clinical Pathway protocols. Requires an annual contract.


Are you prepared for this exponentially growing segment of the population?

This increase in the older population will offer great opportunities
for those who are well prepared to meet the demand in the treatment of dizziness, vertigo and falls.

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